IDC at CES 2020

Building Next-Generation Technologies on a Foundation of Consumer Trust

Las Vegas, January 9, 2020


The relationship between consumer and electronics continues to evolve, with electronics asking for access to personal information and the consumer expecting a certain level of convenience in exchange. Now, with new technologies pushing their way into the consumer’s world with the potential to reach mainstream adoption, the rules of engagement are being re-written. At the center of this, it is trust in the hardware, software, and services that must be established and guarded to ensure long-term success in the consumer space. IDC’s 2020 CES breakfast briefing will look at how 5G, smart home, and virtual reality will present consumers with new ways to develop trust, and how ready consumer appetite is to receive them. It will also examine the dynamics around consumer spending and the keys to navigating an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Join IDC for a complimentary analyst briefing and breakfast at CES 2020. This annual IDC event will be held at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas on January 9, 2020 (7:15-10:15 a.m.) in the Beethoven 2 Ballroom.

Contact: Patrick Gorman - - for more information.

Who Should Attend:

  • Consumer and mobile device and component vendors
  • Product management and marketing professionals
  • Marketing/advertising executives
  • Content and service providers
  • Financial analysts
  • Press and PR representatives

General Information


7:15 AM - 7:45 AM

7:45 AM - 8:25 AM
Breakfast Roundtables
Join an IDC analyst at breakfast for more in-depth discussions on specified topics. Be sure to arrive early as analyst roundtables are available on a first come, first served basis. Roundtable topics include: 

8:25 AM - 8:30 AM
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Tom Mainelli, Group Vice President, Devices & AR/VR

8:30 AM - 8:55 AM
Turning the 5G Hype into Consumer Reality
Phil Solis, Research Director, Connectivity and Smartphone Semiconductors
The 5G hype machine has—to date—largely overpromised and underdelivered in the market, damaging consumer trust, and delaying more widespread adoption. That should change in 2020 as the network buildout gains momentum, and more 5G-enabled devices ship into the market. The technology has the potential to drive real changes around the way people consume content, interface with apps, data, and companies, and even interact with their fellow humans.  In this talk, Phil Solis will articulate his vision of what semiconductor vendors, device manufacturers, and app developers will need to know to find success with 5G in 2020 and in the years to come.

8:55 AM - 9:20 AM
7 Things to Know About the Smart Home
Adam Wright, Senior Research Analyst, Internet of Things: Consumer
The smart home market has evolved rapidly in the past few years with a multitude of new devices, platforms, services, and partnerships. Recent developments from Amazon, Google, Samsung, and others have underscored the dynamic nature of this fast-moving market and show that the competitive landscape is shifting.  New lines of differentiation are forming not only around product features but also around broader ecosystems of devices, services, and partnerships. In this presentation, Adam Wright will discuss the emerging developments in the market, the importance of earning customer trust, and the key drivers and inhibitors to making smart homes mainstream.

9:20 AM - 9:45 AM
A Vision for the Future: Virtual Reality in 2020 and Beyond
Ramon T. Llamas, Research Director, Mobile Devices and AR/VR
Having captured the attention of early-adopting gamers, Virtual Reality is poised to play an important role in the lives of consumers. In 2020 VR is moving past its early focus on gaming to enable a wide range of consumer-focused use cases, including multimedia consumption, education, health and wellness, and—perhaps most importantly—social interactions and trust. VR could well be the technology that drives empathy at scale.  In this talk, Ramon T. Llamas will outline the current state of the consumer VR market, examine key trends, and provide guidance to vendors seeking success in the space. The future for VR looks bright: Come see for yourself.

9:45 AM - 10:10 AM
How & Why U.S. Consumers Buy Technology, the Brands They Trust, and How to Win
David Myhrer, Research Vice President, Consumer Strategies
U.S. consumers spend over 400 billion dollars on technology each year, spread across devices, services, and apps.  That’s over $3,000 per household! With the proliferation of intriguing products and services tugging at their hearts and minds, how are consumers spending their money?  Where will growth come from? Will subscription fatigue set in?  What will it take for your company to get its “fair share?”  In this presentation, David Myhrer will unpack the attitudes and dynamics behind consumer spending, examine the brands consumers say they trust most, and explore the critical steps to winning in an increasingly crowded marketplace.





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