Digital Innovators Creating the Digital-First World

United States, September 15, 2021


Organizations are shifting their priorities from consumption of software towards producing software that is embedded in products and services.  Most of this production of digital innovation will be focused on creating new value for customers, though some may augment internal digital workstreams.  These new digitally innovative products and services enable the organization to gain more market share and change up their offerings to bring a differentiated competitive product or service within their own industry.  Utilizing these new techniques in digital innovation is changing up organizations of all types and sizes to become high-performance, large-scale producers of software-based digital innovation.

IDC categorizes digital innovation factories as end-user organizations that are embracing at least two of the four pillars of plan, source, develop, and distribute in conjunction with their software creation and use. The development of software may include development for integration into the company's core products; actively sourcing externally created (open or closed source) components or external APIs and/or actively distributing code. This change up is resulting in organizations showcasing their digital resiliency by adapting current products and services to newer more digitally innovative market offerings, capitalizing on the opportunity to set up a longer-term trajectory for their products and services.

IDC's Future of Digital Innovation award winners stood out for their novel ideas, willingness to take big risks and ability to collaborate well. We'll highlight best practices embraced by our award winners.



Time Event & Speakers
12:00 PM

Innovating in a Digital-First World

Meredith Whalen

Chief Research Officer, IDC
12:10 PM

Digital Innovation Lessons Learned from Award Winners

Nancy Gohring

Research Director, Future of Digital Innovation, IDC

IDC's Future of Digital Innovation award winners stood out for their novel ideas, willingness to take big risks and ability to collaborate well. We'll highlight best practices embraced by our award winners as well as those employed by respondents to our recent IDC Future of Digital Innovation survey. 

12:25 PM

The Bridge to Collaboration

Dan Jeavons

Vice President, Computational Science and Digital Innovation, Shell

Erol Özgüner

CIO, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Meyrick Vaz

Vice President, Strategic Market Partnerships, UnitedHealthcare

Mickey North Rizza

Program Vice President, Enterprise Applications and Digital Commerce, IDC

Collaboration across businesses, marketplaces and within communities continues to reshape our world. Our session today will focus on how collaborative groups are advancing our world using technology.  We will look at collaborative platforms that are 'paying it forward' bringing together those in need with philanthropists to help pay basic life necessities; large organizations in the energy and process industries that incorporate AI into their processes to improve uptime and increase the use of cleaner, safer more efficient energy; and a look into a Healthcare consortium utilizing blockchain, to improve data quality and efficiency.

12:50 PM

Using a Platform to Create an Improved Customer Experience

Sara Govindarajan

Vice President of Technology, Mattel, Inc

Toine Cleophas

Research Manager, Damen

Al Gillen

Group Vice President, Software Development and Open Source, IDC

What does a Fisher-Price toy have in common with a commercial ship built by Damen Shipyards? They both tie into a back end that delivers services to make each product more effective for the end customer. In this session we'll learn about the Mattel Connected Products Platform and the Damen Triton Connected Vessel Platform, and the improved benefits and experience that end customers gain through a connected solution. 

1:05 PM

1:10 PM

Building a Connected Experience with Digital Innovation

Lieutenant Colonel Ryan Riley

Detachment 24, 19th Air Force, Air Education and Training Command

Franz Hochstrasser

CEO and Co-Founder, Raise Green

Nancy Gohring

Research Director, Future of Digital Innovation, IDC

Innovative organizations are using technology to build bridges. We'll hear about the platform that Raise Green built to connect investors with opportunities to support local impact organizations and about how the Air Force used technology, including extended reality goggles and biometric feedback, to overhaul the experience of pilots in training. 

1:25 PM

Fireside Chat with Jotun - Rethinking the Definition of a Product

Stein Kjolberg

Global Category Director Hill Performance, Jotun A/S

Juliana Beauvais

Research Manager, Enterprise Applications, IDC

IDC Future of Digital Innovation Best in Class Overall winner Jotun will share details of its journey developing the industry standard for measuring the impact of hull condition on ship performance. Jotun's decision to openly share the methodology positioned the company as an industry leader and ultimately improved its market position and revenue. We'll discuss the technology required to measure hull performance, how Jotun monetizes its hull performance offering, and what the company is working on next.

1:45 PM

Digital Innovation as a Predictor of the Future

Nancy Gohring

Research Director, Future of Digital Innovation, IDC

Organizations that are embracing digital innovation are driving sometimes dramatic changes in their business models, competitive environments and partner ecosystems. We'll offer a sneak peak into IDC's 2022 FutureScape Digital Innovation Worldwide predictions. 

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