IDC Directions 2023 Event Proceedings

Tech to Scale the Digital Business

As we move into the next phase of the economic cycle, the spotlight continues to shine on IT and digital initiatives to help organizations overcome disruptions. While enterprises around the world struggle to navigate these economic, political, and social disruptions, digital-first IT leaders will be best positioned to weather the storm and transform digital business through resiliency and value creation based on effective use of evolving and innovative technologies.

To help IT suppliers, business leaders, IT executives, and others better understand and leverage the opportunities for transforming the digital business, IDC is pleased to offer you access to the content presented at IDC Directions 2023.

IDC Directions Sessions

  • Technology to Scale the Digital Business: The Golden Era of IT; Innovation to Automation

    Crawford Del Prete, President, IDC Worldwide

  • The Five Levers Required to Scale the Digital Business

    Meredith Whalen, Chief Research Officer, IDC

  • Cloud’s Next Stage: the Foundation for Digital Business

    Richard Villars, Group Vice President, Worldwide Research, IDC

  • Enterprise Automation 2.0: The Connective Tissue of the Digital Business

    Ritu Jyoti, Group Vice President, Artificial Intelligence Research, Global AI Research Lead, IDC

  • Customer Data: The Revenue Engine

    Marci Maddox, Research Vice President, Digital Experience Strategies, IDC

  • Enterprise Intelligence: Digital Differentiation with Decision Velocity

    Dan Vesset, Group Vice President, Analytics and Information Management, IDC

  • Total Trust: Digital Sovereignty’s Vital Linchpin

    Rahiel Nasir, Associate Research Director, European Cloud Practice, IDC

  • CEO Study - Leading Through and Beyond the Recession

    Phil Carter, Group Vice President, Worldwide Thought Leadership Research, IDC

Track 1 - Cloud: The Foundation for the Digital Business

  • The Evolution of Cloud Infrastructure: Multicloud to Hybrid; Shared to Dedicated

    Dave McCarthy, Research Vice President, Cloud and Edge Infrastructure Services

  • Distributed by Design: Workload Driven Infrastructure Architectures

    Mary Johnston Turner, Research Vice President, Future of Digital Infrastructure, IDC

  • The Operations Cookbook: Transforming with AIOPs, Observability, IT Automation, and Cost Transparency

    Stephen Elliot, Group Vice President, I&O, Cloud Operations, and DevOps, IDC

Track 2 - Enterprise Automation 2.0: Operating at Scale

  • The Importance of a Fused Connectivity and Process Automation Strategy

    David Schubmehl, Research Vice President, Conversational Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Knowledge Discovery, IDC

  • DevOps Evolution: It’s no Longer Just About Deploying Apps

    Jim Mercer, Research Vice President, DevOps & DevSecOps, IDC

  • IT Ops: Understanding CloudOps and FinOps

    Jevin Jensen, Research Vice President, Infrastructure and Operations, IDC

Track 3 - Customer Data: The Revenue Engine

  • Using CX Insights to Fuel Profitable Growth

    Sudhir Rajagopal, Research Director, Future of Customer Experience, IDC

  • Customer Data Platforms: Accelerating Revenue Through Improved CX

    David Wallace, Research Director, Customer Data and Analytics, IDC

  • Matching Customer Data and Engagement - How Retailers are Building Connected Experiences

    Ananda Chakravarty, Research VP, Retail Merchandising and Marketing Analytics Strategies, IDC

Track 4 - Enterprise Intelligence: Digital Differentiation with Decision Velocity

  • The Data Supply Chain is Broken: Data Logistics Can Help Fix It

    Phil Goodwin, Research Vice President, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies, IDC

  • Data Intelligence: The Foundation for Data Activation

    Stewart Bond, Vice President, Data Integration and Data Intelligence Software, IDC

  • Shared Data and Insights to Fuel Industry Ecosystems

    Jeffrey Hojlo, Research Vice President, Future of Industry Ecosystems & Energy Insights, IDC

Track 5 - Trust: The Digital Business' New Operating Context

  • Future of Trust

    Grace Trinidad, Research Director, Future of Trust, IDC

  • ESG Reporting & Management

    Frank Dickson, Group Vice President, Security & Trust, IDC

  • Managed Security Services to Managed Detection and Response

    Craig Robinson, Research Vice President, Security Services, IDC

  • HPC Goes Mainstream: Implications to R&D technology, Markets & Industries

    Josephine Palencia, Research Director, High Performance Computing, IDC

  • Delivering Customer Success: A Playbook for IT Providers

    Elaina Stergiades, Research Director, Software and Hardware Support Services, IDC

  • The Circular Economy: Why IT Vendors Need to Pay Attention

    Susan Middleton, Research Vice President, Flexible Consumption and Financing Strategies for IT Infrastructure, IDC

  • How to Engage with Digital Native Businesses and What Separates Them From SMBs

    Simone De Bruin, Research Director, Worldwide Digital Native Business, IDC

    Katie Evans, Research Director, WW Small and Medium Business Research, IDC

  • Skills Forward: A 2023 IT Skills Shortage Survival Guide

    Amy Loomis, Research Vice President, Future of Work, IDC

    Gina Smith, Research Director – IT Education and Skills, IDC

  • Generational Disruption: Adapting Your Future Consumer Strategy

    Tom Mainelli, GVP, Devices & Consumer Research

  • Marketing’s Playbook to Scale During Disruptive Times

    Laurie Buczek, Vice President, CMO Advisory Practice