IDC Directions 2024 Event Proceedings

The Digital Business Impact of AI Everywhere

The Digital Business Impact of AI Everywhere IDC believes that the next phase of the market transition towards AI Everywhere will focus on delivering quantifiable business impact from ongoing AI investments. This will play out across three broad categories: productivity gains, compelling experiences, and new revenue streams.

To help IT suppliers, business leaders, IT executives, and others better understand and leverage the opportunities and business impact of AI Everywhere, IDC is pleased to offer you access to the content presented at IDC Directions 2024.

IDC Directions Sessions

  • The Digital Business Impact of AI Everywhere: Addressing the AI Burning Questions

    Meredith Whalen, Chief Research Officer

  • IT and The AI Moment

    Crawford Del Prete, President

  • The IT Industry's AI Pivot: Thinking Global, Delivering Local

    Rick Villars, GVP, Worldwide Research

  • From Breakthrough to Impact: Monetizing AI in the Enterprise

    Phil Carter, GVP, Worldwide Thought Leadership Research

  • Q&A with Crawford Del Prete, Rick Villars and Phil Carter

    Tony Olvet, GVP, Worldwide C-Suite and Digital Business Research

  • Thriving Strategy for an AI Era: Reinvent Business Model to Unlock Defensible Moats

    Ritu Jyoti, GVP, Artificial Intelligence and Automation Research and Global AI Research Lead

  • Optimizing Infrastructure for the GenAI Era

    Matt Eastwood, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure, Cloud, Telecom, Security, Developers, Channels and Enabling Technology

  • The New Era of Experience Orchestrated Applications

    Mickey North Rizza, GVP, Enterprise Software

  • Q&A with Ritu Jyoti, Mickey North Rizza and Matt Eastwood

    Tony Olvet, GVP, Worldwide C-Suite and Digital Business Research

Track 1 - Infrastructure

  • Strategies for Successful GenAI Infrastructure Operations at Scale

    Mary Johnston Turner, Research Vice President, Future of Digital Infrastructure, Worldwide Infrastructure Research

  • The Networking Opportunity in Generative AI

    Vijay Bhagavath, Research VP, Cloud and Datacenter Networks

  • Dawn of the AI PC

    Tom Mainelli, Group Vice President, Device & Consumer Research

Track 2 - Data & Models

  • Making GenAI Work for Business: Beyond Big Models In the Sky

    Neil Ward Dutton (East), VP, AI and Intelligent Process Automation European Practices

    Stewart Bond (West), Vice President, Data Intelligence and Integration Software

  • From AppDev to ModelDev: Creating and Monetizing Technologies that Optimize GenAI Models for Development

    Arnal Dayaratna, Research Vice President, Software Development

  • Harmonizing the AI and Machine Learning Lifecycle: The Importance of Orchestration

    Kathy Lange, Research Director, AI Software

Track 3 - Security, Governance & Trust

  • A Framework Based Approach to Securing AI & Embedding Trust

    Frank Dickson, Group Vice President, Security & Trust

  • GenAI: Privacy and Regulatory Challenges to Consider

    Ryan O'Leary, Research Director, Privacy and Legal Technology

  • Improving Cybersecurity with GenAI

    Michelle Abraham, Research Director, Security and Trust

Track 4 - Experience-Orchestrated Applications

  • AI-Infused Apps and the Evolving Employee Experience

    Amy Loomis, Research Vice President, Future of Work

  • Delivering Customer Value with Experience Orchestrated Applications

    Marci Maddox, Research Vice President, Digital Experience Strategies

  • How X-O Apps Can Help Drive Value

    Elaina Stergiades, Research Director, Software and Hardware Support Services

Track 5- AI Transformation of Services

  • The AI Transformation of Services

    Jennifer Hamel, Research Director, Enterprise Intelligence Services

  • A Consulting-led Approach for AI Use Case Success

    Leslie Rosenberg, Research Vice President, Network Life-Cycle Services and Infrastructure Services

  • Services Providers' Strategic Value Is Under Attack: How Can They Fight Back?

    Gard Little, Vice President, Global Services Markets and Trends

  • Sustainable AI and AI for Sustainability – Leveraging the upside while mitigating the risks of artificial intelligence to accelerate sustainable transformation

    Bjoern Stengel, Global Sustainability Research and Practice Lead, Sustainable Strategies and Technologies

  • Skilling Up, Skilling On: The Zen of GenAI Training

    Gina Smith, PhD, Research Director – IT Skills for Digital Business

  • GenAI Use Cases – Moving the Needle

    Holly Muscolino, Group Vice President, Content Strategies and the Future of Work

  • Examining The Evolution of The Finance Department

    Kevin Permenter, Research Director, Financial Applications

  • The Emergence of GenAI Use Cases: Industry Knowledge and Expertise Becomes Imperative

    Lynne Dunbrack (East), Group Vice President, Public Sector

    Leslie Hand (West), Group Vice President, IDC Retail and Financial Insights