IDC Directions 2020

Changing Customer Requirements: Creating Value in the Digital Economy

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Welcome! IDC invites you and your colleagues to watch our seven general-session presentations and all 24 track sessions recorded for Virtual IDC Directions 2020. Despite the need to cancel our live IDC Directions events in both Santa Clara and Boston, IDC remains committed to delivering world-class market intelligence and thought leadership through Virtual IDC Directions. Here you will find easily accessible replays of the event presentations.

In the expanding digital-first economy, growth and opportunity will be dominated by those visionary, agile organizations embracing the inevitable change. The evolving digital economy will demand an entirely new species of enterprise: one with a digital-first operating model that is hyperspeed, hyperscale, and hyperconnected.

By 2024, digital transformation and innovation will directly account for over 50% of all IT spending – up from 31% in 2018. Let IDC help ensure you are part of, not just observing, the best of what's to come.

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