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Dec 2014 - Industry Development and Models - Doc # 253279

IDC MaturityScape: Enterprise Revenue Life-Cycle Management 1.0

Author: Christine Dover


This IDC study describes IDC's Enterprise Revenue Life-Cycle Management (ERLM) MaturityScape framework, which identifies the stages, critical measures, outcomes, and actions required for companies to effectively develop an ERLM strategy and competencies in an ERLM workflow. In this study, we describe the framework and provide guidance for organizations of all sizes interested in advancing along the five maturity stages of the framework to maximize benefits derived from the ERLM workflow. While this study focused on the major categories of ERLM (e.g., revenue recognition; pricing optimization; trade promotion, rebate, and incentive management; and contract life-cycle management), it is important to recognize that profitable revenue is not just in the hands of the sales organization but encompasses teams across the enterprise including marketing, finance, inventory, support, services, and more. This study is intended primarily for executives and managers in sales, marketing, finance, and other line organizations, but IT managers and executives may also find it useful.

"Enterprise revenue life-cycle management is a best practice for maximizing revenue across the enterprise and throughout the life cycle of the buyer-seller relationship. ERLM is not just about getting the most revenue on a single independent transaction. Too often, that large deal may include conditions that dramatically reduce the value of the deal, make it difficult to recognize the revenue, or actually result in leaving money on the table as the sales team offered discounts too quickly," says Christine Dover, research director, Enterprise Applications and Digital Commerce.


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