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Mar 2015 - IDC MaturityScape - Doc # 254721

IDC MaturityScape: Digital Transformation 1.0

Authors: Fred Magee, Marc Strohlein, Cushing Anderson, Philip Carter, Jill Feblowitz, Serge Findling, Leslie Hand, Robert Parker, Lisa Rowan, Vanessa Thompson


This IDC study describes IDC's Digital Transformation (DX) MaturityScape. It identifies the stages, dimensions, outcomes, and actions required for businesses to digitally transform their operations, organizations, products, and services. It also serves as a guide for business and technology executives to identify areas in need of improvement in support of digital transformation in five key areas:

  • Leadership DX
  • Omni-Experience DX
  • WorkSource DX
  • Operating Model DX
  • Information DX

The IDC DX MaturityScape describes the stages of maturity that a business must achieve in each of those five dimensions, each of which has also been developed as an IDC MaturityScape. This study:

  • Describes the IDC DX MaturityScape in terms of how the five disciplines can be transformed, progressing from ad hoc and uncoordinated efforts through an aspirational view of a fully optimized, continually transforming business
  • Provides guidance to business and technology executives on the areas in which they need to improve DX competencies

"Digital technology has altered, and will continue to alter, the landscapes of business, education, entertainment, and government, and the pace of change and scale of change are accelerating at the individual, societal, and organizational levels," said Marc Strohlein and Fred Magee, adjunct research advisors with IDC's Research Network. "Businesses will have to cope with ongoing geopolitical, economic, and environmental disruptions. Digital transformation is one means of creating "antifragile" businesses that can weather, leverage, and actually thrive on such disruptions."


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