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Jun 2015 - Industry Development and Models - Doc # 256604

Comparing Traditional OEMs Versus ODMs (White-Box Manufacturers): Services Matter!

Author: Rob Brothers
Program Vice President, Software and Hardware Support and Deployment Services


This IDC study shows how services differentiate traditional vendors (OEMs like HP and Dell) from ODMs (white-box solutions like Quanta and Celestica) in the enterprise space and how services can make a difference in complex infrastructures. Enterprises need to make a decision on how to best invest in their IT future: Does investing in the ODM white-box model make the most sense, or does the traditional OEM path make more sense? Enterprises should take a good look at what their internal capabilities are and determine the right direction.

"Enterprises need to make a decision on how to best invest in their IT future based on the complexities of today's enterprise environments and the migration needs from legacy applications," says Rob Brothers, program director, Software and Hardware Support and Deploy Services. "Using vendors and partners with deep domain expertise and services offerings should make the most sense for a majority of the enterprises, but as time moves on and the software-defined world comes into focus, look to ODMs to begin trickling in to these traditionally OEM relationships."


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