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Jun 2015 - IDC MaturityScape Benchmark - Doc # 256712

IDC MaturityScape Benchmark: WorkSource Digital Transformation, 2015

Authors: Lisa Rowan, Vanessa Thompson, Cushing Anderson, Suya Xiong

This IDC study is designed for business and technology executives who are responsible for the digital transformation in talent management operations and processes across the enterprise. This study presents the results of IDC's 2015 WorkSource Digital Transformation MaturityScape Benchmark Survey and should be viewed as a supplement to IDC MaturityScape: WorkSource Digital Transformation (IDC #255819, May 2015). Together, the two studies provide a comprehensive overview of IDC's WorkSource digital transformation maturity model:

  • The study presents the results from quantitative research that will enable organizations to assess their WorkSource digital transformation maturity level against industry benchmarks.
  • In IDC MaturityScape: WorkSource Digital Transformation (IDC #255819, May 2015), we described IDC's WorkSource digital transformation maturity framework, which identifies the stages, dimensions, outcomes, and actions required for companies to deliver impact and business outcomes.

This document enables organizations to answer the following questions:

  • How will WorkSource digital transformation affect the way we do business?
  • Where are we on a maturity scale for WorkSource digital competencies in terms of the business needs? Where are our peers?
  • How to establish standards for pursuing WorkSource digital transformation initiatives?
  • What's the path to improve and achieve the level of WorkSource digital transformation maturity that the business needs on its way to digital transformation?

"Business leaders must assess themselves and their teams to determine how to approach WorkSource digital transformation," says Cushing Anderson, vice president for IDC's Business Consulting Services research. "IDC believes that most organizations will find opportunities and business benefits to improve across some or many WorkSource digital transformation dimensions."

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