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Nov 2015 - IDC FutureScape - Doc # 259649

IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Chief Marketing Officer Advisory 2016 Predictions

Authors: Gerry Murray, Kathleen Schaub, Richard Vancil, Andrew LeClair

This IDC study features IDC's top 10 predictions that CMOs must focus on for success in 2015 and beyond. Each prediction is described in terms of its potential impact on the organization, how quickly it will be a mainstream practice, and the relative effort needed to address it. Top predictions include CMO turnover, designing content for the buyer's journey, the emergence of line-of-business (LOB) buyers, addressing marketing skills gaps, and CMO/CIO partnerships.

"Marketers and their executives that embrace the challenges of transformation stand to gain the most from the effort," said Gerry Murray, research manager with IDC's CMO Advisory. "Today's connected customers are demanding more authentic relationships with brands. They can instantly tell the difference between brands that make them more successful in their personal and professional lives and those that stop at delivering the goop in the bottle, the UI on the screen, or the vehicle in the garage. Success in today's marketplace is no longer only about products and services, it's about the whole customer."

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