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May 2015 - Perspective - Doc # AP251029

Perspective: Lessons Learned from Device Deployment Initiatives in the Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Education Industry

Authors: Handoko Andi, Avinash Kalyana Sundaram, Sash Mukherjee, Jerome Dominguez, Linus Go, Kiran Kumar, Arunachalam Muthiah, Manish Yadav

This IDC Government Insights Perspective highlights some of the big mobile device deployment projects executed in the education industry in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan), or APEJ, over the past few years. While several of the deployments have been termed as failures, an analysis of the projects will bring valuable insights to guide future deployments. We also present in this study the perspectives of IT executives from the education industry on the trends and requirements of enterprise mobility deployments in the industry.

The 21st century education is a real-life education that equips students to cope with the drastic changes and advancements that they are bound to witness in their lifetime. The education system is focused on empowering them economically, socially, politically, and personally for the 21st century. This education system has to leverage emerging technologies for better empowerment of the future generation. A variety of learning paths are becoming available through emerging concepts such as informal education, Just-in-Time education, and cross-disciplinary curricula, for which mobility is a key enabler.

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