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Nov 2015 - Perspective - Doc # AP40703515

Escorts Group Transformation Office

Author: S Ramachandran

Manufacturing enterprises are witnessing an era in which information and communication technology (ICT) is evolving beyond just a support function to become a core part of the business across all functions and departments. In order to move to this stage of technological maturity, business leaders are challenged to transform their organization by embedding ICT seamlessly in all parts of the business. Digital Transformation (DX) is the approach by which enterprises will drive changes in their business models and product/service experiences by leveraging digital technology competencies.

IDC provides a framework for viewing the journey of digital transformation across five dimensions, worksource being one of them. WorkSource DX helps businesses achieve their objectives by effective sourcing, deployment, and integration of resources. This IDC Manufacturing Insights report is our perspective of the "transformation office" initiative launched recently by engineering conglomerate Escorts Group in India, an example of worksource digital transformation.

IDC provides five stages of maturity for digital transformation: ad hoc, opportunistic, repeatable, managed, and optimized. According to IDC Manufacturing Insights, the Escorts Group's transformation office is at the "repeatable" stage of maturity. At this level of maturity, basic capabilities and necessary disciplines are already established and documented for digital transformation.

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