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Jun 2016 - Insights Presentation - Doc # AP40984616

Robotics in ASEAN Manufacturing

Authors: Mohsin Shaikh, Ravikant Sharma, Jing Bing Zhang, Christopher Holmes
On-line Presentation

This IDC Presentation provides insights into the use of industrial robots in ASEAN manufacturing. It covers the macro trends in manufacturing and employment, comparative analysis of cost for labor and robots, and several case studies of robotic application. The report also provides a list of core skills required for successful robotic application and key actionable recommendations for OEMs, systems integrators, and end user companies.

As one of the six innovation accelerators on top of the 3rd Platform, robotics will benefit from the development of 3rd Platform foundation technologies (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud). Likewise, Robotics-related innovation will also drive the proliferation and further development of 3rd Platform foundation technologies.

Our study revealed that engineering-oriented value chain (EOVC) companies are currently the largest adopters of robotics in ASEAN, primarily due to the complexity of the products and manufacturing processes used. On the other hand, asset-oriented value chain (AOVC) companies are expected to experience the fastest growth in two years, matching EOVC companies in their high levels of factory automation.

We believe that global competition, Asian wage inflation, and the emerging wave of Industry 4.0 will remain as the dominant drivers for robotic application in manufacturing, which is one of the key success factors for future intelligent manufacturing. The upcoming wave of robotic application in manufacturing is hence expected to be broad-based, cross-industry, and cross-operations, according to our research.