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Feb 2016 - Insights Presentation - Doc # AP41022616

Building Tomorrow's Asia/Pacific Cities - IDC Asia/Pacific Smart City Development Index and the Winners' Case Studies

Authors: Gerald Wang, Shreyashi Pal, Christopher Holmes, Lianfeng Wu, Kitty Fok
On-line Presentation

In October 2015, IDC Asia/Pacific announced the most outstanding Smart City Initiatives in Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APeJ) in 14 Smart City functional eServices following the launch of the AP Smart City Evolution Index competition.

Prior to the announcement, IDC Government Insights went through a rigorous three-phased benchmarking exercise to determine the Top Smart City initiative winners for 2015. These included identifying and cataloging the key Smart City projects in the Asia/Pacific by IDC analysts across APeJ, an online voting initiative to determine public opinion, and the final assessment of an International Advisory Council.

The entire process started in July 2015 with key APeJ analysts who commenced retrieving information on Smart City initiatives within their geopolitical jurisdictions, classifying them, and eventually putting the projects through the benchmark index.

In August, a comprehensive public survey was conducted with 500 unique entries submitted from the APeJ region focusing on the shortlisted cities competing in the 14 categories. This was followed by a voting session chaired by an international panel of senior IDC analysts from the United States and EMEA regions.

The winners of the AP Smart City Evolution Index competition were recognized at the 2015 Asia/Pacific leading smart city and vendor awards gala dinner that was held at the 2015 Asia/Pacific Smart City Development Forum on November 17, 2015 in Shenzhen, China.

This presentation deck highlights the emerging trends of Asia/Pacific Smart City initiatives; provides an insight into the IDC Asia/Pacific Smart City Development Index and its benchmarking processes; as well as expounds on the winners' case studies.