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Nov 2016 - IDC Survey - Doc # AP41202416

Australia Respondents' Perception of Cloud Providers, 2016

On-line Presentation


This document analyses results from IDC's CloudView Survey 2016 in Australia. The respondents were asked about their cloud adoption strategies, drivers, and inhibitors in adopting cloud, workloads that will be moved to cloud, preferences for sourcing, and perceptions of cloud providers. This document focuses on the respondents' perception of cloud services providers and their sourcing strategies.

Key insights from the Australian respondents include:

  • Cloud benefits are not realised equally within the organisation. Customer support, financial and accounting, and IT operations units are expected to experience more cloud benefits compared with the rest of the organisation.
  • The respondents indicated a stronger preference to source cloud services directly from cloud vendors compared with sourcing from a value-added reseller. However, IDC expects that with ongoing changes in the cloud ecosystem, value-added resellers are better placed to address cloud services requirements.
  • Organisations implementing a public cloud strategy assess the need for professional services slightly more than those implementing a private cloud strategy. Irrespective of the cloud model, professional services will be increasingly sought in the design, planning, and implementation stages to ensure workload portability, integration, and successful cloud migration.
  • Pure-play cloud professional services providers did not feature in the list of top 10 most qualified cloud professional services providers, indicating that cloud professional services providers still had a lot of ground to cover in terms of communicating the value of their portfolio of cloud services.