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Dec 2016 - IDC Presentation - Doc # AP41205816

Digital Transformation in New Zealand

Author: Shane Minogue Senior Market Analyst
On-line Presentation

This IDC Presentation summarises the results of the post–CIO Summit survey. The survey was completed in June 2016 and captures the perspective of high-level executives on their digital transformation (DX) capabilities and their position on the DX MaturityScape.

The presentation shows that New Zealand respondents perceive themselves to be ahead of the AP average for organisations on the DX curve, with the majority of New Zealand organisations believing they are in stage 2 of the DX MaturityScape. The survey captures the overall sentiment that digital disruption is no longer something on the distant horizon to plan for but something that is happening today and requires action.

The presentation highlights the shift taking place within organisations as companies alter their structure to handle DX. Key challenges are highlighted in the report with Mindset and Talent proving to be the toughest areas to overcome.

The report shows that an aggressive stance is required to tackle DX within an enterprise and that, by waiting too long, organisations risk being left behind.

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