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Sep 2016 - Industry Development and Models - Doc # AP41683916

Local Manufacturing in India and the Impact of Policy Changes

Authors: Kiranjeet Kaur, Jaipal Singh

This IDC study analyzes the status of mobile manufacturing in India and the impact of new policies implemented by the incumbent government to boost local manufacturing. It explores the stages of mobile phone manufacturing while addressing the current manufacturing capacities of various vendors in the market. It also addresses the key drivers and market forces that have rendered the growth of mobile manufacturing and highlights the key emerging geographical clusters in the country.

Current mobile manufacturing is segmented into multiple phases, and certain challenges are restricting the growth in the sector. This study will help to understand the current status of the industry as it goes through operational changes. It will also help to understand the key drivers behind the regrowth in local manufacturing and assist in determining the impact of "Make in India" initiatives to bring the import-led devices market to manufacture locally in India.

"India's billion population with rising income and aspiration to be digitally equipped has attracted many mobile vendors to start their operation in India. However, the recent growth in mobile manufacturing is mainly limited to assembling devices in India and propelled by the taxes and duties exemption for manufacturing locally," said Kiranjeet Kaur, research manager, IDC's Asia/Pacific Client Devices Group. "Some of the vendors have already started procuring batteries, chargers, and speakers locally from India. Going forward, we can expect PCBs and display panels also getting manufactured here, but it will take some time."

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