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Dec 2016 - IDC MaturityScape Benchmark - Doc # AP41927116

IDC MaturityScape Benchmark: IT Security in Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan), 2016

Author: Simon Piff Vice President of Security Practice

This IDC study presents the findings of the IDC Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) IT Security MaturityScape Benchmark 2016. The study is designed to assess the maturity of IT security levels across five dimensions within the region and provide end-user organizations with a benchmark to work against. The results in this study will enable organizations to work with IDC to assess their own maturity levels against a regionwide benchmark and foster the security maturity needed to compete in the era of the 3rd Platform.

In IDC MaturityScape: IT Security 2.0 (IDC #US40661915, December 2015), we identified the stages, dimensions, outcomes, and actions that organizations should consider to effectively develop IT security competency. This document enables organizations to answer the following questions:

  • How will security and technology risk management affect the way we do business in the era of the 3rd Platform?
  • Where are we on a maturity scale for security competencies in terms of the business needs, and how does this compare with our peers?
  • How should we create the framework to enable security transformation?
  • What's the path to encourage and improve intra and intergroup collaboration in promoting and encouraging a mature security program?

"In spite of almost daily revelations about IT security breaches both local and international, many organizations are challenged to understand their own levels of IT security maturity, let alone know what needs to be done to improve," says Simon Piff, Vice President of Security Practice at IDC Asia/Pacific. "This benchmark is a good, agnostic, starting point to understand perception versus reality in this highly complex and secretive environment," he added.

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