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May 2017 - IDC MaturityScape Benchmark - Doc # AP42154017

IDC MaturityScape Benchmark: Enterprise Mobility in Australia, 2016

Authors: Bilal Javed, Sabharinath Balasubramanian

"As enterprises continue to fine-tune their mobile computing experience, integration with the extended business application ecosystem is inevitable. The enterprise mobility ecosystem continues to expand beyond mobile devices and mobile enterprise applications as organisations create newer, unconventional use cases, such as smart devices, wearables, connected vehicles, and mobile-enabled machine-to-machine communication," says Sabharinath Bala, senior research manager, IDC Australia Enterprise Mobility.

To help businesses and IT executives within an organisation better understand the elements of a successful enterprise mobility strategy, IDC has developed an enterprise mobility maturity model that identifies the five stages of maturity and the critical competencies, measures, outcomes, and actions that are required for organisations to improve their mobility-related strategies. This IDC study aims to help enterprises assess their current enterprise mobility maturity and uncover gaps in their mobility strategies. It also provides a framework to assist enterprises in planning, developing, and executing their mobility initiatives. Specifically, this study enables enterprises to:

  • Assess their mobility competency and maturity
  • Prioritise mobility technology, their partners, and other related investment decisions
  • Benchmark mobile maturity against country and industry trends
  • Uncover maturity gaps and identify the resources required to deliver and support enterprise mobility initiatives

"Australian businesses become more concerned with mobile applications: their procurement, development, and management as they move up the maturity ladder. As they move further up the scale, their concerns converge on a holistic approach to the mobility of their IT systems and the role of mobility in business strategy. It is no longer a choice but a necessity for organisations to create a competitive differentiation and promote innovation," Bala added.

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