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Feb 2017 - IDC MaturityScape Benchmark - Doc # AP42165817

IDC MaturityScape Benchmark: Australia and New Zealand, Cloud 2017

Authors: Chris Morris, Prabhitha Sheethal Dcruz

IDC has found that to maximize the value from investments in cloud, organizations must be aware of potential benefits and challenges. Cloud users must also regularly measure their performance — using benchmarks relevant to both IT decision makers and business decision makers — and use these measures to assess their progress. IDC's MaturityScape for cloud aims to assist organizations in realistically appraising their current capabilities, articulating reasonable short- and long-term goals, identifying their gaps, and beginning an action plan for change. The IDC MaturityScape specifically defines the stages, critical measures, business outcomes, and actions that are required to effectively move through the stages and increase value as more investments are made.

Using the maturity measures and descriptions in the document, readers can:

  • Understand exactly what sets "thriving" organizations apart from "surviving" organizations, based on their maturity scores
  • Understand industry and peer group expectations for business outcomes and IT outcomes for an increasingly mature (sophisticated) use of cloud in how organizations operationalize their internal IT assets and how they source capability on the public (provider-based) cloud
  • Understand the supporting processes, governance models, technologies, and skills to deliver cloud-based service delivery models to their internal customers
  • Identify gaps in overall cloud management capabilities based on the aforementioned criteria — or more broadly, vision, technology, people, and process

"The goal of IT organizations has been and will continue to be the provision policy-based access for users to the best IT resources available — whether those resources are developed in-house or sourced externally and best of breed — in order to drive business value," says Chris Morris, VP, Cloud Services, IDC Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan). "Mastering operations in a 'multicloud' world requires gradual step changes up the maturity scale, but the outcomes — including greater agility, higher revenue, and better business responsiveness — will determine the losers and winners of the next 10 years."

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