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Jan 2017 - IDC Presentation - Doc # AP42185616

IDC Insights Awards 2016: Leading Case Studies

Authors: Sahaj Kumar, Shalil Gupta, Jaideep Mehta
On-line Presentation

This IDC Presentation contains leading case studies from 49 enterprises in India that have been selected from 235 nominations that were received from various CIOs/business leaders/IT leaders for the IDC Insights Awards 2016. This award program recognizes excellence, innovation, and transformation using technology, thus driving business value. Of the total nominations received, the following was the contribution set, verticalwise:

  • Manufacturing & Logistics: 28%
  • BFSI: 25%
  • Health & Life Sciences: 10%
  • Conglomerate: 3%
  • Energy: 4%
  • Telecom, Media, and Technology: 19%
  • Retail + eTail: 12%

In a span of a few decades information technology (IT) has embedded itself into nearly every aspect of business and personal lives, significantly fueled by the 3rd Platform technologies of mobile, social business, cloud, and big data and analytics (BDA). IDC believes the information technology industry is entering the most critical period yet in the 3rd Platform era: the "Innovation Stage," defined by an explosion of innovation and value creation on top of the 3rd Platform's foundation. The innovation stage will be driven by a new wave of core technologies — Innovation Accelerators — that radically extend the 3rd Platform's capabilities and applications.

The nominations received this year saw a steep rise among organizations in the adoption and leveraging of 3rd Platform technologies. In 2016, IDC observed an 11% increase in cloud deployment cases over the previous year and a 3% growth in the implementation of mobility to address several operational business challenges, which are clearly symbolic of the fact that organizations in the digital world are embracing new-age technologies. IDC has also observed the increasing use of Internet of Things and RPA by enterprises.

"Organizations today are embracing new-age digital technologies to address several business challenges that they face in their day-to-day operations. Digital technologies are bringing quintessential disruptions in today's businesses environments and new-age technologies are being leveraged in unprecedented ways to strengthen brands, engage, and deepen relationships with customers," according to Shalil Gupta, Associate Vice President – Insights and Consulting. "IDC believes that companies that recognize the real impact of going digital will gain real advantages of being future-ready."

In corresponding measure, IDC noticed a decline in traditional IT deployment from the previous year by almost 6%, thus reflecting the fact that organizations are travelling the digital transformation (DX) journey in good measure. "The most striking aspect of the study was the preponderance of digital technologies relative to previous years. Almost 50% of all projects were executed using 3rd Platform technologies. It is therefore not surprising that we also saw the emergence of start-ups as key partners for established companies. When projects were outsourced, start-ups captured 50% of the market," according to Jaideep Mehta, Managing Director – India and South Asia. "Equally, it is impressive that established players also played a big role in helping customers drive disruptive projects, which goes against conventional wisdom."