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Apr 2017 - IDC MaturityScape Benchmark - Doc # AP42463017

IDC MaturityScape Benchmark: IT Security in Australia, 2017

Author: Lydie Virollet


"2016 has been a record high when it comes to breaches at both the global and local levels, which is pushing Australian organisations to gain awareness on their assets, the risks to which they are exposed to, as well as on how to mitigate the loss of revenue, brand reputation damage, and downtime deriving from a potential attack," says Lydie Virollet, market analyst for IT Services and Cybersecurity at IDC Australia. "As a result, security has become a key topic in any technology implementation discussion across the country. However, Australian organisations do not have the security maturity, nor the skills to cope with today and tomorrow's threat landscape. Building strong relationships with trusted providers, carefully selected based on the company's assets and maturity, will be critical for their survival."

Forward-thinking business leaders are advancing their businesses through a digital transformation revolution, adopting as mainstream such 3rd Platform technologies as cloud and mobile computing while ramping up skills in Big Data/analytics and embracing social platforms to further enhance their business messaging and customer relationships. IDC expects this to be a driver for investments in cybersecurity, as well as being the path forward to fight cyber threats, which are metarmorphosing into new, more damaging threats on a daily basis.

IDC has developed the IT Security MaturityScape Benchmark to help business and IT leaders understand and cope with the challenges of IT security and help with the opportunities that digital transformation can bring to their enterprises. The current research provides objective data to help organisations identify key capabilities that distinguish organisations whose security efforts have met or exceeded their overall expectations from their peers whose security efforts have fallen short.


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