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Oct 2017 - Market Perspective - Doc # AP42738717

Demystifying OPPO — The Rising Smartphone Giant

By: Kiranjeet KaurSenior Research Manager, Client Devices, IDC Asia/Pacific, Nutchanon Th. Boonsorn, Jerome Dominguez, Risky FebrianMarket Analyst, Di Jin, Jaipal SinghAssociate Research Manager, Client Devices, Xiaohan Tay


OPPO, a China-based smartphone company, has quickly risen to the global top 5 smartphone vendor list and is challenging existing players, such as Samsung and Apple, with its cash-intensive marketing, astute distribution, and focused sales programs. Although its BBK Group legacy has helped define its sales and distribution philosophy, OPPO's current management has ensured that it is the same philosophy that trickles down to other regions and countries as it expands outside of China. OPPO's approach to have distinct smartphone features and design has also helped it stand out from other smartphone brands coming out of China.

"With the multipronged approach to target the market, from creating product differentiation to winning over channel partners and huge marketing campaigns, OPPO has created barriers for its competitors to find their own space in the market in which OPPO operates. These vendors will have to selectively decide if they take OPPO head on or fill the market gaps left by OPPO," says Kiranjeet Kaur, senior research manager, IDC Client Devices.



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