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On-line Presentation


This slide deck presents IDC Financial Insights' view of the top 10 predictions for financial services for 2019 as they apply to the Asia/Pacific region.

The top 10 predictions are presented in such a way that we represent each prediction's likely cost/complexity consideration across the enterprise and the time it will take for the prediction to reach mainstream.

It is important to contextualize our global predictions for the Asia/Pacific because of recent developments in the region's financial services sector that we believe will drastically impact the business strategies of the region's financial services institutions (FSIs). The Asia/Pacific financial services industry will outpace the rest of the world in terms of sheer growth, thanks to large, under-banked populations that offer banks, insurance, and capital market firms plenty of opportunities for market-building and share-of-wallet expansion.

Michael Araneta, AVP for IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific says, "With regulatory clarity on cloud, investments in agile and new ways of working in IT, and in the massive ramp-up of innovations, Asia/Pacific financial institutions are poised to be among the best in the world."


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