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Oct 2017 - IDC Perspective - Doc # AP43138017

Smart City Profile — Taipei City

Authors: Gerald Wang, Shreyashi Pal, Helen Chiang, Ruthbea Yesner


Modern Taipei is a city of diversity, an international city filled with friendly residents and served by a wide range of accessible and user-friendly amenities. Notably, the Taipei City government that is instrumental in these city achievements is continuously working hard to make city services (e.g., transport, energy, social services, and so forth) ever more efficient to instill the benefits of environmental responsibility and see that residents are happy and have a sense of belonging.

In order to leverage different innovations and solve the urban issues to build Smart Taipei simultaneously, the Taipei City government established the Taipei Smart City Project Management Office (TPMO) to implement and stimulate the development of Taipei City. The main mission of the PMO is to raise public participation and public–private partnership to introduce new technologies, innovative applications, and information to solve citizens' problems. The Taipei City government hopes to create an ecosystem so that the government, the industry, and citizens can share the prosperity from its development.

"Interestingly, these initiatives have demonstrated a unique cultural and socioeconomic DNA that is innate within Taipei City's leadership and residents to continually stride ahead in the unrelenting pursuit of digital transformation that makes sense, thereby attracting critical foreign direct investments as well as the right mix of manpower talent," says Gerald Wang, head of government and education, IDC Government Insights.

In 2015, the city won the public works category in the IDC Smart City Asia/Pacific Awards (SCAPA) with its Smart Critical Infrastructures' Poles System project. The following year, it won the transportation category with its Connected Transport Systems initiative. These are all testimonies of the city's excellence in deploying successful government services for long-term city livability and sustainability.


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