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Nov 2017 - Market Presentation - Doc # AP43200217

IDC's New Zealand IT Services Ecosystem 2017

By: Adam Dodds, Donnie Krassiyenko

On-line Presentation


This IDC Presentation provides a comprehensive insight into the dynamics that are currently shaping the IT services market in New Zealand based on the findings of IDC's New Zealand IT Services Survey with a sample size of 300 respondents.

As technology is becoming more pervasive across the organisation, C-suite executives are becoming more prepared to participate in its application and, most importantly, its prioritisation. This is important as it represents an evolution to a more agile mode of operations. With over 70% of organisations having a level of involvement in developing a technology strategy, there is a shift to the development of an organisation's digital leadership programme, which challenges the traditional functional role-based structure (sales, finance, and so forth) to something that is more aligned with the areas of omni-/customer experience, operational excellence, information integration, and worksource optimisation.

Hybrid is the key investment theme from a technology perspective (on- to off-premise, off-premise into public cloud, and platforms for orchestrating across the environment). Collaboration has the highest overall intent for organisations to invest in, but there is a notable shift towards business automation as opposed to more communication- or content-based investments.


  • 90 slides

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