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Nov 2017 - Tech Buyer Presentation - Doc # AP43216417

IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Connected Devices and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality 2018 Predictions – APEJ Implications

By: Avinav TrigunaitResearch Director, Bryan MaVice President, Client Devices, Kenneth LiewAssociate Research Director, Client Devices

On-line Presentation


The fundamental shifts in demography, evolving consumer preferences, and how products and services are consumed today in an always connected digital world are rewriting the rules of engagement for enterprises. Digital disruptors such as Alibaba, Tencent, Amazon, and Airbnb are emerging across sectors and challenging incumbents with their lean digital operations and new business models. The combination of these factors is forcing organizations to further wire-up processes and assets with sensors and new devices and technologies such as artificial intelligence, wearable computing, and AR/VR. Leading organizations are already testing smartwatches, AI, and AR/VR applications to enable real-time information access and visualization, automation, hands-free computing, and for trainings.

Although these initiatives are helping shape the future workplace and deliver better productivity and visibility into operations for enterprises, it is also increasing the diversity of devices and operating systems to manage, creating unprecedented complexities for IT teams. Enterprise IT organizations and business teams will need to anticipate the continued transformation of the workplace to ensure a seamless transition.

This IDC presentation discusses the APEJ implications for the Worldwide Connected Devices and AR/VR 2018 Predictions. The document lists the top 10 predictions in terms of their likely impact across the enterprise and the time it will take for the predictions to reach mainstream in the region. By mainstream, IDC means the broad middle of the bell curve of adoption (i.e., the 40–60% of enterprises that are neither the first movers and early adopters nor the last to act).


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