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This IDC FutureScape presents IDC Financial Insights' 2018 view of the top 10 predictions for financial services as they apply to the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) (APEJ) region.

The top 10 predictions are presented in such a way that we represent each prediction's likely impact across the enterprise and the time it will take for the predictions to reach mainstream. By mainstream, IDC means the broad middle of the bell curve of adoption (i.e., the 40–60% of enterprises that are neither the first movers and early adopters nor the last to act). In how the prediction is represented in Figure 1 (worldwide and APEJ) and Figure 2 (APEJ only), each bubble's size provides a rough indicator of the complexity and/or cost an enterprise will incur in acting on the prediction.

It is important to contextualize our global predictions for Asia/Pacific because of the recent developments in the region's financial services sector that we believe will drastically impact the business strategies of financial services institutions (FSIs). This includes a series of government and regulator-related directives that range from the management of innovation, to information security, to customer data privacy, to agent banking, and to the adoption of cloud. Regulatory guidelines have long been driving the strategies of FSIs, for sure, but the onset of 2018 has been unique because of the sheer variety of regulations, guidelines, and mandates that institutions have to keep up with.


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