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Oct 2018 - Market Presentation - Doc # AP44175218

Local Kings Mobile Phone Brands

By: Simon BakerProgram Director, Mobile Phones, CEMA, Kiranjeet KaurSenior Research Manager, Client Devices, IDC Asia/Pacific

On-line Presentation


The intensely competitive smartphone market has seen the rise and fall of various mobile phone players. In this document, we focus on the homegrown players or local kings that set up their roots in specific countries and have achieved a significant position in these markets. Many of these players, particularly in the emerging markets, were once a dominant force and held exclusivity to only one country or region. However, in other countries, they are in retreat, faced with growing competition from a new wave of Chinese smartphone makers that are pushing hard in exports. In this study of the mobile phone market research leads in Asia/Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa, IDC spells out the market positions of the key brands and analyzes why some are doing well, whereas others flounder. This presentation also looks ahead to what prospects these local kings have as competition intensifies, and the industry looks to another transformation with the impending arrival of 5G networks.


  • 30 slides

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