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Nov 2018 - Market Note - Doc # AP44401418

Equinix: An Asia/Pacific Perspective

By: Glen DuncanAssociate Research Director


This IDC Market Note provides an Asia/Pacific-focused update on Equinix's physical footprint, types of customers, key accounts, strategic direction, product portfolio, recent M&A activity, and strategic innovations. It highlights the evolution of Equinix from a retail colocation services provider to higher value-added interconnectivity and digital ecosystem services.

"EQIX has transformed rapidly from being a retail colocation services provider to a major global interconnectivity and digital ecosystems player. The company is laser-focused on developing and amplifying the network effect of digital ecosystems. In the digital supply chain, it is aspiring to be nothing less than the center of the multicloud architecture ecosystem for enterprises," says Dr. Glen Duncan, associate research director, IDC Asia/Pacific Datacenter Research.



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