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IDC Worldwide IT Channels and Alliances 2019 Predictions

IDC Worldwide IT Channels and Alliances 2019 Predictions

Jan 31, 2019 - Framingham, MA, United States


Join IDC's Worldwide Channels and Alliances team as they discuss the trends they are seeing in software and infrastructure channels as well as in strategic alliances. The team will also review their 2018 predictions (and outcomes) and present their predictions for 2019 and beyond.

Steve White, Program Vice President, Worldwide Channels & Alliances
Paul Edwards, Research Director, Worldwide Software Channels Research
Pam Miller, Research Director, Worldwide Infrastructure Channels Research
Chris Webber, Research Director, Worldwide Strategic Alliances Research
Brendan Rouse, Research Analyst, Worldwide Channels & Alliances
Margaret Adam, Program Director, European Channels and Alliances
Hannah Breeze, Research Analyst, European Channels and Alliances


Steve White and IDC's Worldwide Channels & Alliances Team