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Sep 2017 - Market Perspective - Doc # CA41954017

Innovation Takes a Step Ahead: Canada's Supercluster Program, Part 1

By: Jason BremnerResearch Vice President, Industry and Business Solutions, Mark SchruttStrategic Advisor, Public Sector & Innovation Research


This IDC Market Perspective states that by this time next year, superclusters will join the rapidly expanding vocabulary of innovation. Starting in 2018, the federal government will make available close to C$1 billion over a five-year period to support five sector-focused superclusters. These dollars are to be matched by the private sector consortium members. The superclusters, working in concert with other government programs, are meant to focus, strengthen, and expedite the innovation efforts in key sectors.

In the end, the superclusters will take shape with a combination of physical and virtual assets, much of which are already in place and will be repurposed or leveraged by the consortia. The superclusters will have facilities where start-ups meet, university students can work, and enterprises can relocate their innovation centres. The superclusters' offices will be home for funding and support programs and act as a connection to universities and government programming, not too differently than how many accelerators or hubs do today.

"This is an ideal time for the superclusters," says Mark Schrutt, strategic advisor, Public Sector and Innovation research, at IDC Canada. "Innovation, different business models and ways of working, a new pace, culture, and embracing opportunities to learn are helping companies challenge long-held rules of business."



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