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Sep 2016 - Technology Segment - Doc # CEMA40565616

Russia Cloud Services Market 2016–2020 Forecast and 2015 Vendor Shares

Author: Dmitry Gavrilov
Senior Research Analyst, Cloud Services, Russia


IDC forecasts the total market value associated with cloud services (both public and private) to continue on a path of growth in 2016, expanding 8.9% year on year in U.S. dollar terms. Over the five-year forecast period, IDC projects spending on such services to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.9% to reach $647.20 million in 2020. Market growth will be driven by government initiatives related to cloud adoption and cloud adopters' aim to avoid high capital expenditure. which continues to force enterprises to look for business automation alternatives.

Cloud services providers should be more focused on their cloud services offerings. Standardization, self-service provisioning, and a clear cloud services portfolio could reduce end-users' perceived risk during the transition from on-premises infrastructure to a cloud-based IT consumption model. These factors can provide a success for cloud business in any economic situation. Cloud vendors should be also aware of state programs that consider information technology and cloud computing as accelerators of overall economic growth.

This IDC study presents a comprehensive view of the cloud services market in Russia. The study contains market sizing for both public and private cloud delivery models, and offers a further breakdown of cloud-related revenue. The study contains quantitative data from 2015 and a five-year market forecast (2016–2020), and summarizes the major issues and impacts of cloud services on the IT industry as a whole.

The study also answers the following questions:

What is the current market value in Russia connected with the delivery of cloud technology?

What are IDC's forecasts for spending on cloud services in Russia? What are the assumptions behind IDC's forecasts? What impact have these assumptions had on IDC's market forecasts?

What are the latest developments and trends in cloud delivery, and how will the IT industry in Russia change due to the emergence of cloud computing?

What are the key drivers of Russian cloud services market growth?

"While the cloud services market recorded minor growth in U.S. dollars, seen in local currency terms, the growth was very strong last year, driven by a substantial increase in demand and stable prices for cloud services in rubles. Over the next five years, the Russian state will be the most influential driver of cloud services adoption, with implications not only for government institutions and state-owned companies, but also other businesses." — Cloud Services Lead Dmitry Gavrilov, IDC Russia


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