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Jan 2017 - IDC PeerScape - Doc # CEMA41834016

IDC PeerScape: 3D Printing Practices for Manufacturing in Central and Eastern Europe

Authors: Martin Kuban, Zdenek Krouzel

This IDC PeerScape aims to help CIOs and PLM and production leaders understand the issues that their CEE manufacturing peers have faced while implementing 3D printing solutions, and to formulate effective strategies to augment their operations with this technology. This study is based on a combination of existing IDC expertise, discussions with 3D printing vendors active in CEE, and manufacturers attending the International Engineering Fair in Brno, the Czech Republic, as well as a series of in-depth follow-up interviews with the leaders of manufacturing companies based in CEE.

"3D printing is not a completely unknown discipline to CEE manufacturers. Interviewed users of the technology displayed a fair level of understanding and confirmed many of the practical benefits that it has brought to their business operations. However, in order not to lose ground to global competition, they will need to rethink their overall approach to product lifecycle management and expand basic use cases from prototyping to more advanced production scenarios or in the supply chain domain." — Senior Research Analyst Martin Kuban, IDC Manufacturing Insights, CEMA

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