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IDC Market Glance: 中国数据智能市场概览,3Q22


Leo Li
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China Big Data Analytics Strategies (Chinese Version)

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Bairong Inc., Biaobei (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Datang Xianyi Technology Co., Ltd, Alibaba Group Holding Limited, Weining Health Technology Group Co., Ltd., Neusoft Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Jiuzhang Yunji Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Yixin Huachen Software Co. Ltd. , Beijing Ruilai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Microsoft Corporation, Beijing Guoshuang Technology Co. Ltd., DBAPPSecurity Ltd., Rootcloud Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Orient Guoxin Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Guoxin Cloud Service Technology Co., Ltd., Datatang (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Hoperun Software Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Shudream Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Oriental Jinxin Technology Co. Ltd., China Mobile Limited, AsiaInfo Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., Qinzhi Digital Technology Co. Ltd., Venustech Group Inc., Shanghai Data Exchange, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co.,Ltd., Zero Krypton Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd., Guoyun Data Group, Jizhong Energy Group Co. Ltd., SAP SE, Shenzhou Medical Technology Co. Ltd., CICC Data (Wuhan) Supercomputing Technology Co. Ltd., BOCO Group, Hainan Huluwa Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Appen Ltd., Beijing Chunyu Tianxia Software Co., Ltd., Beijing Percent Technology Group Co. Ltd., Shanghai Krypton Information Technology Co., Ltd., China Unicom Limited, Jiahe Group, BSOFT Ltd., Yinjiang Technology Co., Ltd., FiberHome Communication Technology Co. Ltd., State Grid Information and Communication Co. Ltd., China Telecom Corporation Limited, Beijing Wanguo ChangAn Technology Co., Ltd., Luculent Smart Technology Co. Ltd. , DiDi Global Inc., Foxconn Technology Group, Nanjing Juming Network Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Baosight Software Co Ltd, China Software Evaluation Center, Zhejiang Bangsun Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Chuanglin Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing Yonghong Business Intelligence Technology Co. Ltd., Daily Interactive Co. Ltd., Zhejiang YuanTu Interactive Tech. Co., Ltd., Yunhe Enmo (Beijing) Information Technology Co. Ltd., Yidu Cloud (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Aikesheng Information Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing International Big Data Exchange, Chindata (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Qingneng Internet Technology Co. Ltd., WuXi AppTec Co., Ltd., Huayan Intelligent Technology (Group) Co. Ltd., The Great Wall Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong, Beijing Digital Hail Technology Co. Ltd., Wonders Group, Beijing Huike Technology Co Ltd, Chengdu Sifang Weiye Software Co. Ltd., Shenyan Intelligence, Beijing Volcano Engine Technology Co., Ltd., Translink Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., BGI Inc., Guoneng Rixin Technology Co. Ltd., Shanghai Dataport Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Municipal People's Government, Dell Technologies Inc., Haier Digital Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Tianjin Phytium Information Technology Co Ltd, Beijing Zhongdian Puhua Information Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Shuyun Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shanshu Technology, Beijing Haitian Ruisheng Technology Co., Ltd., Miaozhen Information Technology Co. Ltd., Chengdu Tanma Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing Guoke Hengtong Technology Co. Ltd., Nanjing Haitai Medical Information System Co., Ltd., Wuhan East Lake Big Data Trading Center, Digital China Holdings Limited, Hillstone Network Technology Co. Ltd., Shanghai Senyi Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Baidu, Inc., Hang Zhou MindFlow Technology Co. Ltd., Lingshu Technology, Jiangxi Aerospace Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd., Tableau Software, Inc., China System Technology Co. Ltd., Tianyun Sunac Data Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd., Puyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd., China Electronics Standardization Instititute, Wuhan Dameng Database Co., Ltd., Beijing Shuanxing Technology Co. Ltd. , Shanghai United Imaging Intelligent Medical Technology Co. Ltd., Aliyun Computing Co., Ltd., Xi'an Ruibo Intelligent Co. Ltd., Guoxin Youyi Data Co., Ltd., Weizhi Technology, Google LLC, Tianjin Nanda General Data Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Lianshi Network Technology Co. Ltd., PKU HealthCare Corp., Ltd., Sensors Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Lenovo Group Limited, Guizhou Provincial Big Data Development Administration, Guangzhou Sequoia Software Development Co., Ltd., 21Vianet Group, Inc., YGSOFT Inc., Guangzhou Bailing Data Co. Ltd., Beijing Zhuge Yunyou Technology Co Ltd, AInnovation Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Bairui Data Technology Co. Ltd., Amazon Web Services Inc., Xiamen Meiya Pike Information Co. Ltd. , Dongsheng (Suzhou) Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. , Fanruan Software Co. Ltd., Minglue Technology Group, Beijing Anjiezhihe Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ucloud Information Technology Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Agree Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Youzan Technology Co., Ltd., HotDB, Yushufang (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., 4Paradigm (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., China National Software & Service Co Ltd, Beijing Yisaitong Technology Development Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Yunxi Technology Co., Ltd., Navinfo Co., Ltd., Shenrui Medical, Beijing Dashu Yida Technology Co., Ltd., National E-Government Extranet Management Center, Beijing Kangfuzi Technology Co. Ltd., Kunlun Zhihui Data Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yinzhijie Technology Co. Ltd., Qingdao Big Data Trading Center Co. Ltd., Tianjin Shenzhou General Data Technology Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Meichuang Technology Co. Ltd. , Winner Technology Co., Inc., Shenzhen Digital Big Data Technology Co., Ltd., Taiji Computer Corporation Limited, IBM,, Inc., Ruifan Technology, Beijing Zhitong Yunlian Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing Ronglian Technology, Kehua Data Co. Ltd. , Pinjian Intelligence, QI-ANXIN Technology Group Inc., Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Dianwo Technology Co. Ltd., New H3C Technologies Co., Ltd., Zhonglian Yungang Data Technology Co. Ltd. , Merrill Lynch Data Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Data Trading Center, Envision Energy USA Ltd, ZTE Corporation, Kingsoft Cloud Holdings Limited, Beijing SuperMap Software Co., Ltd., Esgyn Corp, Nanyang Topsec Technologies Group Inc., Guangzhou Shushu Story Information Technology Co. Ltd., Tencent Holdings Limited, Beijing Zhongke Wenge Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhongguancun Kejin Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing E-Hualu Information Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Deep Search Technology Co. Ltd. , Suzhou Global Business Intelligence Consulting Co., Ltd., Guangdong Haoyun Changsheng Network Co Ltd, Beijing Dipu Technology Co., Ltd., Shulan Technology, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Beijing Cloud Testing Information Technology Co. Ltd., NSFOCUS Technologies Co. Ltd., Beijing Huayu Software Co., Ltd., Inspur Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai H-VISIONS Technology Co., Ltd., Ant Group, Hisense Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Yishu Technology Co., Ltd., Kyligence Inc., Hangzhou Jinglianwen Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing Renmin University Jincang Information Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing Lianxin Medical Technology Co. Ltd., Yihui Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Sinnet Technology Co., Ltd., Weike Data, Hangzhou LineZone Data Technology Co.Ltd, Beijing Tendcloud Tianxia Technology Co., Ltd., PingCAP Group, TANSUN Hongye Technology Co. Ltd., Shanghai Daijia Medical, Jingdong Digits Technology Holding Co. Ltd., Beijing Anhua Jinhe Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Smart Software Co. Ltd., Messaben Corp., Fuzhou Watermelon Culture Communication Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Guanyuan Data Co., Ltd.

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Big data analytics and discovery

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