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May 2018 - IDC Survey - Doc # CHE42941818

Research on China Gaming Market End Users, 2017

By: Turian TanMarket Analyst

On-line Presentation


This IDC Survey focuses on Chinese gamers' preferences and habits and covers client games, web games, mobile phone games, PC single-player games, and other market segments. Adopting a method of online survey, IDC distributed its 2017 Game Industry Survey Questionnaire to several most-visited websites in China. The questionnaires were filled out and uploaded online by the public. A total of more than 100,000 questionnaires were received.

"In 2017, a sustained steady increase in China's gamer population was driven by esports, game live broadcasting, and related industries, with mobile gamers still in an overwhelming position. However, with the disappearance of the population dividend, the overall gaming market growth slowed down again, up by only 3.0% year over year. An expanding user base continued to push up gaming revenues," says Turian Tan, market analyst for IDC China's Client System Research. "In 2017, China's gaming market reached a size of RMB203.61 billion, up by 23.0% year over year. eSports and its peripheral industries continued to grow fast in 2017, whereas the esports tournament system acquired a more in-depth and comprehensive layout, expanding from online to offline, and capital activity inside and outside of the industry was much more buoyant. Meanwhile, game live broadcasting platforms in vertical industries became one of the important channels for game promotion. In addition, domestic game vendors successively unveiled PC single-player game platforms and released their independent game developer support programs. With all these, the PC console market will brace for breakthroughs," he adds.


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