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Feb 2018 - Conference: Tech Supplier - Doc # DR2018_GS3_BF

Blockchain, Security, and the Future of Digital Trust — Why This Matters Now

By: Bill Fearnley


These event proceedings were presented at the IDC Directions conferences in Santa Clara and Boston in February and March 2018.

Blockchain, distributed ledger technology (DLT), and smart contracts continue to gain momentum in a myriad of use cases across a wide variety of industries. Enterprises are increasing their investments in blockchain to transform how they deliver products and services, gain new insights to obtain a competitive edge, and improve their financial and operational performance. The fact that blockchain ledger records are secure, sequential, and immutable is improving the security of customer information as well as business and transaction records.

Blockchain and distributed ledgers will continue to change the future of digital transactions in the new data economy and transform the nature of digital trust. Regulators and central banks have also voiced their support for blockchain and DLT and smart contracts because they can improve the security of financial systems and transactions worldwide. In his presentation, Bill Fearnley shares an update to our Four Forces model and how distributed ledgers and smart contracts will change digital trust between enterprises and their customers, suppliers, and regulators and provides guidance on how industries will want to invest in blockchain technology to gain a competitive advantage and improve financial performance.