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Feb 2018 - Conference: Tech Supplier - Doc # DR2018_T1_RV

Creating the Data Space: When Edge Is at the Core of the Business

By: Richard L. VillarsResearch Vice President, Datacenter & Cloud


These event proceedings were presented at the IDC Directions conferences in Santa Clara and Boston in February and March 2018.

Success in digital transformation requires new thinking about the consumption of IT resources in increasingly "smart" edge locations. These warehouses, hospitals, airports, and even amusement parks are where augmented/virtual reality, IoT, robotics, 3D printing, and rapid image processing are delivered, and they must be optimized to deliver digital-ready experiences. This session assesses the need for highly standardized and automated hardware, infrastructure software, and applications software bundles that can be deployed in a specific location to deliver SaaS-like services with low latency, high availability, and local data governance. Focusing on the IT hardware/software bundle alone is misguided as many of these solutions will be deployed in non-datacenter "spaces" and must accommodate "bring your own network" and "bring your own facilities" approaches.