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Oct 2016 - Flash - Doc # EMEA40842315

SAP Announces Foundation for Health and Medical Research Insights; Signals Move to Cognitive Computing

Authors: Helena Schwenk, Henry D. Morris, Matthias Zacher, David Schubmehl

This IDC Flash analyzes SAP's recent announcements on SAP Foundation for Health and SAP Medical Research Insights, as outlined at the company's HANA Forum event in Frankfurt. Both offerings are designed to improve the research and clinical outcomes of healthcare organizations by storing, processing, and providing visibility to genomic and clinical data.

It is also noteworthy that during an event dedicated to the SAP HANA platform, the company chose to focus predominantly on health and personal medicine use cases, thereby underlying its focus and attention to personalized medicine. But at the same time, the self-learning capabilities of SAP Foundation for Health (based on its predictive analytic and machine learning algorithms) also signal — in our view — a firmer commitment toward cognitive computing in the quest to unlock greater meaning and intelligence from Big Data.

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