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Mar 2016 - Business Strategy - Doc # EMEA41038116

Business Strategy: Big Data and Analytics Trends in the European Healthcare Market: An IDC Health Insights Survey

Authors: Silvia Piai, Adriana Allocato

This IDC Health Insights study analyzes the current adoption and investment trends of Big Data and analytics (BDA) technologies of European healthcare providers and proposes a high-level action plan for healthcare organizations launching BDA initiatives. Leveraging the key highlights of a survey conducted among 175 Western European healthcare organizations, the study focuses on how healthcare providers are managing, exploring, and exploiting their information assets; how they are leveraging the combination and integration of BDA with new and legacy technologies; and how they are combining business and IT skills to gain new insights and drive business innovation. The study also gives an overview on the potential of technologies such as cognitive systems and cloud as well as their role in the broader adoption of BDA.

"European healthcare providers are aware of the powerful and hidden value of their organizations' data, but they still have not developed the right data management architecture and analytical capabilities to get the most from them. They need a more comprehensive approach to Big Data and analytics that takes into consideration investments in both technological solutions and business skills. This will ensure the translation of analysis findings into organizational changes and innovations that are at the heart of healthcare digital transformation," said Silvia Piai, senior research manager, IDC Health Insights, and Adriana Allocato, senior research analyst, IDC Health Insights.

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