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Nov 2018 - IDC Survey - Doc # EMEA42682318

The 2018 Internet of Things Journey Across European Industries

By: Andrea SivieroResearch Manager, European Industry Solutions, Customer Insights & Analysis

On-line Presentation


This IDC Survey analyzes adoption levels and trends for the Internet of Things (IoT) across Western European industries in 2018. It presents a detailed analysis of the most adopted IoT use cases in each industry sector, underlines how maturity level is rapidly evolving across verticals, and identifies the sectors leading the way in terms of IoT deployment and application. Finally, it shows how IoT adopters are also more inclined to adopt other Innovation Accelerators, such as augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) and robotics, showing above-average digital maturity.

This presentation is based on the results of IDC's 2017 European Vertical Markets Survey, which involved 1,967 companies with more than 10 employees in over 85% of the European economy (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Nordics, the U.K., and the Netherlands). The vertical markets considered include financial services (including banking, insurance, and other finance services), manufacturing, healthcare, telecom/media, utilities/oil and gas (O&G), retail/wholesale, professional services, transport/accommodation, and government/education.


  • 23 slides

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