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Dec 2017 - Web Conference Proceeding: Tech Buyer - Doc # EMEA43313017

Automating the Manufacturing Ecosystem of Experiences

By: Stefanie Naujoks


No manufacturer will be successful on its own in the future. Collaborating in ecosystems will become a key competitive advantage and products will increasingly become platforms with multiple contributing partners in order to deliver the highest value to customers. Such business ecosystems require that the underlying B2B and B2B2C processes are transformed accordingly. Processes will have to become highly flexible, scalable, automated, and smart to adapt to changing market needs in real time. Technologies such as IoT, robotics, and cognitive solutions will be the major pillars of process transformation in business ecosystems. IDC predicts that the combined usage of these technologies will automate up to 80% of B2B and B2B2C processes in business ecosystems.

In this webinar, Stefanie Naujoks, senior research manager at IDC Manufacturing Insights in EMEA, will answer the following questions:

  • Why does collaboration in ecosystems matter to manufacturers today?
  • Why do B2B and B2B2C processes need to be transformed?
  • How will IoT, cognitive, and robotics transform B2B and B2B2C processes in manufacturers' business ecosystems?
  • What are the next-generation automation archetypes?