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2017 has been an interesting year for Europe. While there was some good news in terms of the (likely) delayed impact of Brexit, combined with mainstream political parties winning key elections in France and Germany, it was clearly a year focused on maintaining stability.

However, to lead and excel in a digital economy requires faster response and better quality and more secure products and services. The creation of custom agile apps is the hallmark of the digital enterprise; if organizations are to keep up then embracing more collaborative ways of working is essential. As part of this, IDC believes that European organizations should take into account some key regional-specific perspectives, as outlined below:

  • Digital transformation (DX) is real, and begins with apps that are built to deliver a truly digital-native experience. However, the digital talent war and skills gap is very apparent in Europe and developers are a "limited currency". The challenge is to figure out how to create relevant business apps quickly, that can be easily adapted and maintained.
  • The need to create technology innovation powerhouses in the face of increasing disruption from other regions looking to target Europe as a new market opportunity. DevOps practices are rapidly being adopted as a way to work more effectively to break down the silos that exist and inhibit change. In Europe, many organizations are attracted by increased agility, faster deployments, improved customer experience, and enhanced company performance. Enterprises are also increasingly open to adopting open source because of the speed at which innovation is achieved.
  • Rethinking, restructuring, and reorienting teams to drive greater collaboration between engineering and operations, making it imperative to find individuals who contribute to a supportive working environment where more collaborative and agile models can thrive.
  • A dynamic compliance landscape is expected to drive a new way of thinking around digital risk and data privacy in the face of regulations such as GDPR and PSD2. Organizations will need to strike a balance between opening their back-end systems through APIs and managing consent for the use of personal information and compliance with GDPR. Consequently, security and compliance concerns cannot be an afterthought but need to be integral considerations from the onset of any development project
  • IDC believes that European organizations will have to accelerate initiatives that support the fast transition to a digital enterprise, or face disruption in an increasingly competitive and complex market environment.

This IDC presentation outlines the implications for Europe from IDC's WW top 10 predictions for Developers and DevOps in 2018 with a key focus on some of these key regional perspectives that need to be addressed by all stakeholders in the industry over the course of the next 12 months.


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