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Mar 2018 - Market Perspective - Doc # EMEA43578118

Persuasive Content Management Software is Central to Content Marketing Execution

By: Gerry BrownResearch Director, European Software Group, Lise Hagen


Enterprises are seeking to differentiate their products, services, and customer experiences through their branded creative content assets. Hence, the market for persuasive content management solutions will continue to gather pace and grow in double digits in Europe between 2018 and 2022. "Persuasive content management software continues to evolve into more integrated, accessible, and consumable software that can be accessed via single sign-on by nontechnical content marketers," said Gerry Brown, research director, European Collaboration and Customer Experience. "Buyers and vendors in the future can expect greater accuracy and timeliness in their targeting of compelling multimode and omni-channel content, especially as AI and machine learning technology is increasingly embedded in persuasive content management software."



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