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Jun 2018 - Market Perspective - Doc # EMEA43860817

GDPR 2.0: RPEC to Significantly Impact OTT Players, Advertisers, and Spammers

By: Duncan Brown


This IDC Market Perspective examines the Regulation on Privacy and Electronic Communications (RPEC), which aims to update the EU's current ePrivacy Directive. It is similar in objective and impact to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). RPEC is impactful because it extends GDPR-like legislation to a broader scope, including non-personal data, businesses and individuals, and over all communications services. It affects providers of number-based communications services, over-the-top services such as VoIP and instant messaging, browser manufacturers, website owners, and firms with online-ads-based revenue models.

"The instantiation of the ePrivacy Directive update as a regulation means a (more or less) consistent law across the EU member states, though derogations will undoubtedly apply. Thus, it should unify the rules and clarify them for those doing business in, and into, the EU. We're sure that RPEC will prove to be a controversial as GDPR, and (initially) at least as poorly adhered to. But as with GDPR, the rules will prevail and companies affected by it should begin to plan for its introduction as soon as possible," said Duncan Brown, Associate Vice President of Infrastructure and Security at IDC.



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