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Oct 2018 - Web Conference Proceeding: Tech Buyer - Doc # EMEA44389518

DevOps for Digital: KPIs for Success

By: Jennifer ThomsonSenior Research Director & Lead Accelerated App Delivery Practice


This IDC Presentation was presented at the IDC DevOps Conference in September 2018 in London.

Digital transformation (DX) is real, and it begins with applications that are built to deliver a truly digital-native experience. To lead and excel in a digital economy requires faster response, better quality and more secure products and services. Without doubt speed is the name of the game; lengthy, cumbersome, and restrictive software development cycles are no longer acceptable.

Embracing business-centric collaboration or DevOps is mandatory! Business innovation is now the clear benefit to DevOps adoption, surpassing the lure of enhanced developer productivity. It's no longer about if organizations should adopt DevOps, but it is now about getting DevOps right and scaling it across the enterprise. 60% of European organizations now utilize DevOps, however there is a widening performance gap between those "stuck" at experimentation stage and those that have been able to achieve scale. To drive wider adoption and increase success it is critical to understand how to enable DevOps to scale.

This keynote discussed the following:

  • Where European organizations are on their journey to enterprise scale DevOps; looking at how organizations can become "unstuck"
  • Discuss new emergent challenges that organizations face as their DevOps journey progresses
  • Take a look at DevOps for business agility and the KPIs for success


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