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Oct 2015 - Perspective - Doc # FI259613

Perspective: Takeaways from the Scalingbitcoin Workshop in Montreal, September 12 and 13, 2015

Authors: Robert Smythe, Lars Goransson

This IDC Financial Insights Perspective looks at the Scalingbitcoin Workshop in Montreal held on September 12 and 13, 2015, which IDC Financial Insights attended. This event was the first occasion that brought together over 250 attendees from the bitcoin (BTC) community and a large percentage from the bitcoin development sector. The agenda was driven by technical presentations given by bitcoin developers and academic researchers. The focus was on the 29 individuals giving the presentations and not on the organizations they might be associated with. While there were 39 corporate sponsors, there were no booths or exhibits and no marketing, sales, or lobbying initiatives.

This document does not drill into the technology details but focuses on the impact that the concepts presented at the Montreal event may have on bitcoin in the future. Detailed technical information is available in the event presentations that have been posted at

This document assumes that the reader has some knowledge of the history of bitcoin and the associated technology. For additional information on bitcoin, please see the Appendix.

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