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Mar 2015 - Business Strategy - Doc # HI254764

Business Strategy: Crossing the Innovation Gap from 2nd Platform to 3rd Platform Acute Care Systems — The athenahealth and BIDMC Collaboration

Author: Judy Hanover

This IDC Health Insights report discusses the changing U.S. healthcare system and the role technology suppliers will play in creating the next generation of health information system (HIS) and electronic health record (EHR) software to support successful value-based healthcare organizations (HCOs) in the context of a recently announced collaboration.

According to Research Director Judy Hanover, IDC Health Insights, "HCOs have a clear need for 3rd Platform HIS/EHR solutions built on the cloud. These future systems will provide mobile clinical documentation and structured and unstructured data capture, a service-based architecture that delivers strong integration options for best-of-breed solutions in departments and among collaborating providers, and big data analytics to offer decision support and tackle business problems, security, mobility, and secure collaboration in accountable delivery communities." 3rd Platform HIS/EHR strategies have the potential to provide the opportunity for providers to optimize business models in the cloud, create best practices for electronic clinical workflows that drive instead of hamper productivity, and eventually perhaps capture the operational efficiencies and benefits that were part of the original promise for EHR.

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