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Jan 2015 - Business Strategy - Doc # HIOH01X

Public Health in 2020: Renewed and Converged Action on Modern Society's Health Determinants

Authors: Massimiliano Claps, Silvia Piai

This IDC Health Insights study describes the dynamics of the ongoing global convergence of population health and healthcare services provision, delivering a new model for public health policies and intervention scope and effectiveness. It describes the impact of information systems on the emergence of a new vision for public health, analyzing barriers and opportunities. The study also provides guidelines for healthcare executives willing to launch and implement new public health initiatives. These guidelines are based on a step-by-step approach to mitigate the effects of the inhibitors of the new public health model and foster increased collaboration among stakeholders.

"Health, social care, and public health executives should consider starting new collaboration initiatives on specific patient population segments and along specific integrated care pathways aimed at improving disease management and the efficacy of prevention campaigns. Deploying these kinds of initiatives demands a bold and comprehensive vision focused not only on the required IT, dataset investments, and analytical capabilities, but also on the development of a new organizational culture based on shared objectives, collaboration, transparency, and comprehensive information assurance," said Silvia Piai, research manager, and Massimiliano Claps, EMEA head of research, IDC Health Insights.

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