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Sep 2015 - IDC PlanScape - Doc # HIOH03X

IDC PlanScape: Mobile Computing Strategy for Hospitals

Authors: Silvia Piai, Massimiliano Claps

This IDC PlanScape study offers a decision-making tool for hospital executives to help them define the vision, mission, and strategic goals of their mobile strategy, as well as the desired technology architecture that can support their strategic goals (from applications to be accessed to device form factors, mobile application deliver models, and infrastructure hardware and software).

It also provides guidance on the strategy implementation by defining the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders and accompanying executives in the alignment of ICT capabilities, organization resources, and information governance with the future of mobile computing.

Hospital executives who do not put in place a mobile computing strategy that efficiently aligns the supply with the demands of different users groups run multiple risks, including reduced quality of care, lower hospital operations efficiency, and higher dissatisfaction of employees and patients compared with competing hospitals. This study offers a step-by-step approach to mitigate these risks.

"When it comes to mobility, disparate and disconnected functional efforts alone are no longer acceptable," said Massimiliano Claps, research director, IDC Government Insights and Health Insights. "To take advantage of mobile computing effectively while complying with regulations, hospital IT executives must nurture the right capabilities, deploy architectural components efficiently, source the skills and funds, apply management best practices to align the architectural components with the services they have to deliver, and set up governance arrangements to make accurate and transparent decisions."

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