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Oct 2014 - Web Conference - Doc # HIOH51W

Presentation: A Day in the Life of a Patient in 2020

Authors: Lynne Dunbrack, Silvia Piai, Massimiliano Claps

This IDC Health Insights Presentation was delivered by IDC Health Insights analysts on September 9, 2014, at the second IDC Pan-European Healthcare Executive Summit held in London.

This keynote presentation discusses how technology will influence and change the patient experience within the context of the broader transformation of European healthcare systems toward integrated care. It also examines the ICT-related strategic decisions that healthcare providers need to make.

The impact of 3rd Platform technology (mobile, social, Big Data and analytics, and cloud) and the Internet of Things (IoT) is analyzed through aspects of the patient experience: access, quality of care, and compassion. In particular:

  • Mobile, IoT (wearables in particular), and social media are becoming invisible but enabling parts of the individual experience of healthcare systems. Omnichannel is a key part of the new patient front desk and the extension of the physician's office.
  • Big Data and analytics will ensure dependable data analysis and the necessary decision support. Big Data and analytics will enable healthcare providers to deliver consistent services across the various channels and develop personalized patient pathways.
  • Cloud will provide a flexible infrastructure on which it will be easier to integrate the extended patient care network, including secondary and primary care as well as social services and the patient's family, etc.

The opportunities offered by the convergence of 3rd Platform technologies are urging healthcare providers to embrace new and comprehensive approaches toward patient information management, addressing issues such as data fragmentation, quality, processing, and security.

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